Hace mucho tiempo, ¿no?

Soon it will be three years since I’ve been here and I’ve written, what … well, very little. On here, at least. So much for an account of my move to Spain.

Big changes on the horizon, and I feel like I want to start writing something again for the interwebs, but don’t know what. I think blogging is pretty much irrelevant these days, unless there’s a focus, a raison d’scribble.

But what would that be for me?

  • The travails (and mini-triumphs) of teaching English? Nope, a million of those.
  • Hey look! Another expat! Yawn.
  • Meandering musings of a museless malcontent? Alliterative but, uninspiring.  And I’m trying not to be negative. Too much of that out there already.
  • How much I hate like feeling I’m always starting over. Mr. Beckett, I am not.
  • The BBC list, as I called it yesterday … Bobby’s Bad Choices.

I dunno. Watch this space. Doubt anyone is anyway … so maybe if I put it out there some thing will happen.

There is one thing that sticks in my head ….

  • “Your life …” someone commented on my book of face today. I reckon it does look good on paper, but then again I’m not one to Facebook all my neuroses. More power to those who find their power that way, but not for me, muchas gracias.
  • “I envy your life,” one of my students said last week while we were talking about travels and adventures and whatnot. Then again, he’s 19 and I’m .. . not.

What they seek vs. what I know/think.  Hmmm.

Let’s see if something doesn’t happen. How about one decent post a week. About something. Let the theme come as it may.

Or not.

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  1. My dear, I don’t care what you write, just so long as you’re writing and I can read it. It’s been entirely too long.

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