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Friday Night Writes

Ten things I did/learned this week …

  1. Finished teaching for the summer. Another great group of kids. They made me laugh, didn’t make me fear for the future, and taught me a few things along the way.
  2. Started official training for the half-marathon in Valencia.
  3. Decided to do more than my silly (although apparently we’ll-received) posts on the Aaptiv Facebook page and revived the half-marathon blog I started about a year ago
  4. Failed to let go of being irritated by someone I don’t really know. I’ve gone and wedged an online person under my skin, to the point of dreaming about them and waking up furious. I’m an idiot. Memo to self: either turn it into a story or get therapy.
  5. Booked tickets to Boston / Ptown, so Bobapalooza Stateside’18 is officially a go.
  6. Immersed myself in the new Anne Tyler. Debating whether or not to buy a cactus. I’ve decided to try to channel the goddess and reframe irritating people as quirky characters who can be written about with warmth, humor and compassion.
  7. Quickly realized that I will most likely fail at #6.
  8. Finished a month(ish) of padel classes with three of the most charming torturers instructors. They challenged me while making me laugh and taught me: better to approach things from the side, prepare as quickly as possible, remain open, and the use of force usually means a loss of control.
  9. These lessons apply to padel as well.
  10. There is a sequel to Uno called Dos, although I haven’t played it.

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