No, he didn’t

I didn’t say “rabbit, rabbit” first thing today. I thought about it on my second morning (the first one was at 4:30 am class on auto-pilot) and almost texted it to my partner, two cute bunny emojis, but didn’t do that either. Later on,  when I shared my no-double-bunny-shame, he told me it would be brought up at “rabbit rabbit tribunal” but my case did not look promising. Apparently things are really hopping there, what with Easter coming up and all.

I didn’t start a new fitness routine today. I had a Peloton March Maggic 20-minute strength thing on the books, but naps (aka much needed sleep; see 430 am class) took the reins. Maybe I have no discipline. Maybe I have no motivation. Maybe I was tired and needed to practice self care. Or maybe the coffee wore off.

I didn’t feel bad about it. And part of me thinks I should feel bad about it, but part of me says “Welcome to Self Care.” The part that says “you’re lazy” is still on the bus, but has agreed to sit quietly in the back as long as I acknowledge him every once in a while.

Yo.  I didn’t not acknowledge you.

I didn’t plan my week this week. And I’m okay with that. I know what I need to get done and it’s all happening without a Bullet Journal or a Panda Planner or Post-Its on the mirror. I was sorted for tomorrow before I took my second nap and I am truly just enjoying the quiet condo, despite the wind thundering like a jet engine outside, the aftertaste of burnt microwave popcorn (tbf, the package did say 3 minutes), and the clickety clack of my fingers on the keyboard.

I didn’t read the popcorn instructions properly. I think it might have said “up to 3 minutes”. And it was a smallish bag — but what are these “single sized portions” of nukable palomitos? No matter where I eat in this town the portions are huge even if you’re splitting a meal (no, we’re not those people yet, but I see how normal restaurant patrons  can morph … age? … into them), but some MBA at Orville Redenbacher is now doling out fun-sized bags of late-night salty snacks?

I didn’t buy them and I guess I shouldn’t complain.  I hope I remember to buy normal sized bags next time I’m at the supermarket.

You wouldn’t have to hope to remember if you put a list into a Bullet Journal or Panda Planner.

I didn’t hear that voice at the back of the bus. Did you?

I didn’t sit down to re-start a quote-unquote-formal writing process today.

And yet …

I didn’t just (in my mind) stick my fingers in my ear and sing “la la la”.

I didn’t write in my journal by hand, I just sat down and typed for 20 or 30 minutes. So I really didn’t start Writing.

I didn’t not press publish.

It’s a start. 

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